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Oh My Nosh is the culinary equivalent of a choose your own adventure experience. Locally sourced ingredients coupled with nosh magic create innovative, yet approachable, pairings sure to delight the most sophisticated and appease the picky. Grab your squad and share some nosh!

oh my manchego

Cheeses can include French Brie, Spanish Manchego, Dutch Gouda, seasonal flavored cheddars, our infamous Whipped G.O.A.T. cheese and more.

OMN Shirts - Green-04_edited.png

Meats can include organic beef stick, dry Italian or peppered salami, Columbus hot or regular Sopressata, rosemary ham, beef bresaola, various Black Kassel selections such as Mustard Seed or Old Forest salami, Levoni's Schiacciata Picante, Coppa Stagionata, or Speck Di Prosciutto. Meats are subject to change based on availability.

crackers & figs & jam

oh my

Accoutrements include dried apricots, figs or cranberries, fresh berries, grapes or apples, flavored or seasoned nuts, chocolates, or crisps and honey. All boards have locally made jams in seasonal flavors from our friends at Daybreak Cannery based in Euless, Texas.

All boards and boxes come with a selection of crisps, crackers or bread wrapped separately to ensure freshness.

Olives, pickles, gluten-free crackers and spicy options are available upon request and based on availability.  

If you have a subscription or gift card you'd like to redeem, please contact me directly at 303-717-9368. Thanks!

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