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Meet Mary

Mary Faybik is the ultimate renaissance woman who has continued to reinvent herself by following her passions and purpose since graduating from college in Denver in the early 2000s. Your favorite Notorious P.I.G.-maker, G.O.A.T. cheese-whipper and ultimate nosh board-builder has had successful careers in public relations, sales, design, revenue management and was even a postpartum doula. Now Mary’s creativity and ingenuity has spawned the incomparable Oh My Nosh Dallas. She’s brash, she’s sassy, she’s smart as hell and is curating delicious and beautifully presented charcuterie boards for any gathering or occasion needing a good nosh.

Pretty food tastes better!


Meet OMN

Oh My Nosh is about elevating your snack game and making food a shared and memorable experience with fresh, beautifully presented ingredients. Owner Mary Faybik is passionate about putting together creatively presented and deliciously paired nosh for her friends and family. In 2020, the spark of an idea and a late-night conversation with friends led to an Instagram post that started the (cheese)ball rolling. That delicious ball picked up speed quickly and Oh My Nosh soon became a regular edible addition in dozens of homes and businesses in North Dallas and surrounding areas.


Offering nosh boxes and boards – five sizes to choose from! – adorned with an array of meats, cheeses, relishes, nuts, fruits, her signature honey-whipped G.O.A.T. cheese (it really is the Greatest Of All Time) and the best candied bacon (Notorious P.I.G.) you never knew you needed.



When should you order OMN?





Corporate Events


Date Night

Lunch on a Wednesday


Wedding Events

Every day is a good day for nosh!

If you have a subscription or gift card you'd like to redeem, please contact me directly at 303-717-9368. Thanks!

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